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  • There’s more to recruitment than reading a CV

    Posted: March 8th, 2023
    Category: Recruitment

    New Psychometric Assessment Provide Deep Insights into Hybrid & Remote Working

    There’s more to recruitment than reading a CV. As part of our recruitment and selection process, we provide @Thomas International Group Tests. The Thomas DISC assessment (also known as the Behaviour assessment or Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) takes under 10 minutes to complete with an instant summary. The results provide information about a person’s fears, motivators, values, and behavioural style using four profile factors. Everyone has not just one factor but a combination of all four factors to varying degrees which gives you an indication of how a person behaves at work in different circumstances. These provide an accurate insight into people’s behaviour at work, giving a greater level of certainty when recruiting.

    Thomas now offers an additional psychometric assessment with deep insights into hybrid working. This allows your company to understand at a glance the resilience levels, and approach to risk for remote and hybrid working. Many of our clients use psychometric tests which we provide free of charge. We are qualified in analysing the data and offer free training to understand the information if required. Please contact us for more information at 01279713900.


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