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  • Top 4 workplace trends in 2016

    Posted: March 15th, 2016
    Category: Recruitment

    There’s been some noise about the 6 second hug at meetings replacing that stiff handshake (as a simple human touch can have a massive impact on the way we value and view others and therefore it’s better for business) but we would say some of the workplace trends that have come into focus in 2016 have all already existed. What would you add to the list?

    Technology-driven space & design

    In recent years, many companies have become “remote friendly,” but in 2016, that paradigm will continue to shift towards companies that are built to be mobile from inception. Many businesses now solely operate “in the cloud” and an increase in this will see many industries and companies becoming paperless.


    In terms of office design, a number of trends are emerging as employers look to cut costs and increase collaboration. Employees will increasingly work in open-plan spaces without assigned offices or cubicles which has a number of benefits such as reducing the number of desks and floor space needed, ultimately lowering the organisation’s costs. Some offices are also introducing wellness areas to allow staff to take time out in technology-free spaces.

    Design has always been important in consumer products because it entices people to buy things but at work we will increasingly demand and receive more well-designed tools, systems and apps so that everything inside the company is easy to use and this will be not just in the Marketing department!

    New Leadership Expectations

    Leaders have traditionally been selected based on experience and company loyalty, but those leading today’s biggest organizations are not necessarily those who have spent the most time climbing the corporate ladder. That’s because the very nature of management has drastically changed in recent years, resulting in a new set of expectations for those at the top. Soft skills as well as technical know-how are deemed equally important.


    Flexible working remains the focus for many businesses, driven by employees  seeking greater work/life balance. This is especially the case for those with young families, as well as for older workers looking to remain active in the workforce, but who no longer wish to work nine-to-five. Gen Y and the Millennials also expect increasing flexibility and autonomy. This will be a workplace dynamic managers will have to negotiate this year and beyond.

    Digital Savvy

    “Presenter”, which was renamed by Powerpoint by Microsoft in 1990, has remained the standard presentation tool ever since. But in 2015, demand for PowerPoint skills was down 5%, while projects on dynamic presentation platforms like  Keynote grew by 18%, respectively.  Static presentations are quickly being replaced by motion graphics, while video is becoming a preferred presentation medium over images. Do not be left behind in the digital wave.

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