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  • Why you should use a Specialist Recruiter?

    Posted: May 14th, 2024
    Category: Recruitment

    Five reasons to use Specialist Recruiters, we add value in ways you may not have considered.

    1. Specialist recruiters speed up the process & save you money.
    Keeping a vacancy open is costly, not only because of the ongoing costs associated with advertising on job boards but in lost earnings too. Studies show that good employees generate 3-5 times their annual salary in value. So, let’s do some basic maths: If you leave a £50k role vacant for just one month, a business could lose upwards of £12,000. Recruiters are focussed on nothing else but filling those types of roles, they are familiar with the process, and quick to filter out unsuitable candidates. As a result, your vacancy gets filled sooner and lost earnings are reduced.

    2. They offer role focus and definition
    By using a professional recruiter, you get access to their market knowledge. They will know your sector well, and will therefore know what your competitors do, hire, and pay. Not only that, but they know which candidates are out there and what they are looking for. This information can be invaluable when it comes to attracting the right talent for your business. A simple change of job title or a rethink on the salary could make all the difference in filling your vacancy with the best.

    3. A specialist recruiter frees you up to do your job
    There is no doubt that social media (LinkedIn particularly) has made searching for candidates easier, but this still takes time. Would you rather your hiring manager spends their time looking for candidates in this way or doing their actual job? Just because LinkedIn makes it possible, doesn’t mean it’s the best use of your time or a great business decision.

    4. They know where to look and how to generate interest
    We are in a candidate-driven market where often the best talent is not openly applying for jobs or posting their CV online: Meet the Passive Candidate. This individual is usually happy in their current role, highly valued by their current employer, and not necessarily looking for a new job. But – and this is where a recruiter comes in – they would consider the right opportunity if it came along. As a business, your access to this passive talent is limited, but an experienced recruiter knows how to find them, approach them and sell you to them without even discussing who you are. What a skill!

    5. Guaranteed Results
    Working on an exclusive or retained basis and building trust guarantees results

    To sum up: we are “out there”, talking to candidates daily, and evangelising about your company without you having to move a muscle. Whatever your personal feelings were at the start of this article, we hope you can see it makes good business sense to use a recruiter, especially when you find one you like and trust.

    For any further tips or assistance with recruiting your next team member call us at THC Recruitment on 01279 713900 or for all the latest updates, news, and vacancies.

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