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  • How to Use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool

    Posted: November 9th, 2016
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    You have a job vacancy and you are looking for your dream candidate. You may be a specialist agency like ours , or you may have an HR department that recruits in-house, but are you using LinkedIn effectively?

    Some positions require unique skills and experience. In this case, searching the LinkedIn network may be the fastest and best way to identify members who fit your exact hiring criteria.


    Search on LinkedIn

    After identifying the specific skills and experience necessary for a role, conduct a search. Use specific keywords such as “Sales VP” if you’re looking for a salesperson with VP-level experience.

    Then use LinkedIn search filters like location, industry, and current company to find your target candidates. Need to refine further? In Recruiter you can access additional filters such as function, seniority level, and more.



    Let LinkedIn search for you


    After creating a search that includes everything you’re looking for in a candidate, save it to get automatic notifications when new results come in. This can be particularly helpful when you’re hiring for the same role on a regular basis.

    Save a search >>




    Engage in LinkedIn Groups

    LinkedIn Groups are also a great forum for finding experts. Search for groups within the chosen industry ie Motor Finance / Asset Finance / Funder brokers /Land reg / etc . Identify active group members who fit your hiring criteria, and start a conversation by commenting on their posts or reaching out to them directly.  You should aim to be active in groups DAILY. LinkedIn updates should be done several times a day when posting for a position.


    Find candidates in Groups >>



    Research before reaching out


    Get a detailed look into a potential candidate’s experience and skillset by checking out their LinkedIn profile. View their work experience, skills and expertise, recommendations, and connections to see if they’d be a good fit for the role. Look for further info about them within Google , look at their Facebook and Twitter profiles and see if you can get a bigger profile of the candidate so that you can reach out to them on a more personal level.


    Get in touch with candidates


    Once you’ve found your top candidates, reach out on LinkedIn. If they’re within your company’s collective network, you can break the ice with a warm introduction from a mutual connection.

    Otherwise, Recruiter Lite lets you message any candidate using InMail. On average, InMail gets three times the response rate that email receives. Plus, InMail is guaranteed, meaning if you don’t get a response within seven days, you’ll get another InMail credit for free. When composing your message , make your subject line catchy, address the person by name. Tell them why you think they are a good candidate and what skills / experience/connections they have that would make them ideal. Sell the company that you are recruiting for – are they award winners? Are they in the top 10 funders in the UK? Do they have a reputation as being an incredible employer? Company benefits? Don’t always give the full salary away , this often leads to the candidate responding asking for more info. Always include your direct telephone number and ask them to call you rather than email.( unless of course confidentiality is an issue).  People won’t know who you are unless you tell them , in a non boring and friendly manner!!


    Once you have messaged a potential candidate/contact you are able to set a reminder to reconnect with them ( Look on the right hand side of message screen within Recruiter to see this feature – its bell shaped). If the candidate is not suitable at this time it doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. Always reconnect within a month ( if they are actively searching make this 2 weeks) to see if their situation has changed or if they have any contacts they can recommend to you – “ refer a friend”


    When reaching out to a potential CLIENT


    Research the company on LinkedIn, google, twitter, facebook … look for employees within their HR or recruitment departments or if they are smaller look for their Directors. These are the decision makers, the people you need to connect with. Check if the company have any existing vacancies and make a note of any candidates that you already have that would be a good fit. Look for their direct contact details – email preferably. If these aren’t visible send them a message via LinkedIn using the same method as above but concentrate on what you can do for them . Include any relevant details that you have discovered about the company to make the message more personal.


    The key points to remember when using any social media for selling/lead acquisition is KNOW – LIKE – TRUST

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