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  • Top Tips to optimising your online profile to get that job

    Posted: March 29th, 2016
    Category: Recruitment

    Yes, it’s true, recruiters and employers, both current and potential are looking at you online. Your profiles and your online presence can be make or break in terms of you getting that ultimate pay rise, promotion or career break. So, how can you ensure that who you are online will boost your career prospects and not harm them?


     Here is our ultimate guide to cleaning up and optimising your online profiles to acquire that promotion or new job:

    The Clean up

    1. We should start with profile photos as these are the first port of call when searching a candidate or employee online. Make sure you use appropriate images for the platforms you are using. Facebook and Twitter allow you a slightly more relaxed approach, whereas LinkedIn should always be professional. Dress for the job you want and not the job you have, has never been truer!
    2. Profile biographies not only give people an insight into who you are but they are also searchable terms. Your job title, company you work for and skillset should be clear. Your hobbies and interests should be concise and relevant.
    3. Google yourself to see what is visible about you online. Photos that you have uploaded, updates that you thought were private may be public. This gives you the chance to clean up your social media and any personal blogs that you may have forgotten about!
    4. Lock down your Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter profiles so that only friends get to share in your life outside of office hours. Check regularly that your settings are private.



    1. List your qualifications and be honest. Lying about qualifications is one of the top reasons for rejecting a candidate for a job role or promotion
    2. Include a detailed work history, with clear job titles and well-written job descriptions that describe both your responsibilities and your key accomplishments. Most people stop at dates and job titles, wasting this opportunity to promote their experience and to add important keywords to their Profiles.
    3. Within your Profile biography, include the keywords that tie to your desired industry and profession. These keywords could be inserted in different areas within your Profile such as your job descriptions, Profile summary, headline and even your website descriptions. One of the best methods to find these keywords is to review recent job descriptions for the roles you are targeting and see what keywords are repeated over and over again.
    4. Make certain to network and get connections in your target companies. That way, you will show up as a connection for LinkedIn’s recruiter’s referral search. And if you have an interesting profile, someone from that company is likely to reach out to you.

    For more information or advice on changing career or recruiting new talent please get in touch with us at THC Recruitment or call 01279 713900.

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