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  • Top 5 Tips for attracting the best candidates

    Posted: July 11th, 2016
    Category: Asset Finance, Leasing, Motor Finance, Recruitment

    When recruiting for a vacancy, you’re obviously going to want to choose from a selection of the best candidates for the job. As experienced recruitment consultants, we know what’s likely to work best at attracting excellent candidates, giving you a much better chance of employing exactly the right person.


    Getting the right candidate


    Clearly define the job you’re offering

    Think carefully when writing the job description. Make it clear and be very focused about what you want from the candidate, but also about what the job will be offering them. What kind of responsibilities will they have? Are there opportunities for training and job progression? If you’re going to employ a great candidate, they need to know if there are opportunities for them to stay with the company.  

    Treat the job description and advert in the same way as any of your company’s marketing materials. If it’s lacklustre, inaccurate, or full of mistakes, it’ll put off the best candidates.

    Clearly define the candidate you want to attract

    What kind of person are you looking for? What skills and experience would you prefer them to have? How do you want them to strengthen the team? Once you have a clear picture of your ideal candidate, you’ll find it easier to target them.

    Enhance your brand

    A good candidate will do their research before even applying for a job. How well does your company come across to someone who’s looking for a job with you? They’ll be looking at your website and social media outlets to gain an overview not just of what your company does, but also about its corporate culture: how well it looks after its employees; what sort of CSR policy it has etc. Make sure what you tweet/share/blog about is an accurate reflection of the workplace in order to attract the candidates who’ll best fit in.

    Interview well

    Prepare for the interviews in the same way that you’d expect the candidates to. The interview process isn’t just for the candidates to sell themselves to you – you also need to sell yourselves to them. If they’ve got a bad impression of you, they’re much less likely to accept the job.

    Use a specialist recruitment agency

    Recruitment is a time consuming process. If you do it all in-house you won’t only be wasting time sifting through dozens, sometimes even hundreds of applications from unsuitable applicants, you may also be missing out on good candidates who simply don’t find out about the vacancy. Agencies will do all the hard work looking through CVs, presenting you with just a short-list of the most suitable job seekers. They’ll also have good candidates on their books they can contact direct, not only speeding up the process but also ensuring the best quality. It’s a very good idea to approach a recruitment agency that specialises in your area as they will already have attracted a pool of candidates in the right line of work.

    Please contact THC Recruitment if you’re searching for an experienced candidate, or are looking for a new job in our key industries.

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