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  • The 10 best questions to ask at a job interview

    Posted: July 11th, 2016
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    There’s a lot of advice online about the best interview questions to ask in a job interview, but you do need to be careful that those questions don’t give the wrong impression to your potential employer. For instance, if your very first question was about salary or holiday entitlement, what do you think that would say about you? Everyone knows that these are important considerations when you’re thinking about committing yourself to a job, but a good interviewer will mention them at some point in the interview, so it’s best to allow it to happen organically.

    The best questions won’t only help you find out more about the role, but will also impress your interviewers by your interest in their company.



    When thinking about this role, what would you say is the difference between a good employee and a great one?

    Asking this question will show your interviewers that you’re really keen to be successful in the job. The answer will give you a glimpse into what it might be like working at the company, and point in the direction you’d need to go to get ahead.

    How does the company encourage team development?

    In any job, teamwork is a vital component, and by asking this question you’re showing you’re willing to be a team player. It’s interesting to note that friendships at work aren’t just for the benefit of the employee, but are also hugely beneficial for the company. Gallup have conducted a survey that discovered close friendships at work help to boost employee satisfaction by 50%. People with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to fully engage in their job, are more focused, loyal and passionate. They also take fewer sick days, change jobs less frequently and, vitally, have more satisfied clients.

    What new skills can I learn whilst in the job?

    This question tells your future employer that you have great potential and are willing to improve your skills and experience, but you’re also humble enough to acknowledge you don’t know everything!

    How will this position evolve over the next three years?

    This question shows that you’d not only be committed to the job, but it’s also a subtle way of telling them you’re keen to progress the job and therefore the company.

    How does this job contribute to the company as a whole?

    Asking this question shows you understand how all the different job roles fit together to benefit an organisation overall.

    How will you measure my success in this role?

    This shows that you’re goal oriented, and aren’t afraid to take responsibility for those goals.

    What are some of the challenges of the job?

    When you ask this question, you’re showing your potential employers that you not only have realistic expectations (every job has challenges), but you’re willing to deal with any problems face on.

    What’s the biggest challenge the team has faced recently?

    Again, a realistic expectation that every job will have it’s own problems and challenges. The answer will give you a good idea of how the company tackles them and how, if you get the job, you might be able to help solve them in the future.

    What do you like about working for this company?

    Asking the interviewer/s about their background in the company shows you’re interested in them as people (and who doesn’t like talking about themselves!) as well as the corporate culture in general. It shows you’re actively thinking about working there.

    Do you have any questions about my qualifications?

    This is a very brave question to ask, but it’ll demonstrate you’re confident in your skills and abilities. And if they do have concerns, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss how you’ll address them.

    If you’d love the chance to put these questions into practice, search our available positions, or call us on 01279 713900

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