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  • THC Recruitment and Hinterview

    Posted: July 19th, 2019
    Category: Interviews, Recruitment
    THC Recruitment Announces Availability of Hinterview
    For clients with retained and exclusive placements

    Hinterview is a comprehensive, innovative video recruitment platform.
    The web-based suite provides the ability to cut down recruitment time and costs for our clients.
    Hinterview allows us to showcase our candidates through the creation of high-quality videos which run alongside their CV.
    These videos are client-tailored to ensure the most important and relevant questions are the ones being answered.
    In addition, our clients can subsequently select the best culture fit candidates for a face-to-face interview with confidence, eliminating the need for phone interviews from the process.
    This can reduce the average time to hire from 45 days to 24 days.
    The utilisation of Hinterview saves 30% costs through the reduction of interviews conducted by your highest-paid staff.
    Watch the Hinterview’s whenever you have an internet connection.
    Share the candidate videos with colleagues & managers.

    For more information please call THC Recruitment 01217913900 or email

    Kind regards

    Julie Ramsay
    01279 713900

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