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Our MD Julie Ramsay is now a member of the Women In Leasing initiative set up by The Leasing Foundation and led by Close Brothers CEO of Commercial Division Mary McNamara. The initiative began in 2013 with the intent to attract a more diverse range of talent to the leasing and asset finance industry and to support women in the industry.

The initiative includes training and education, themed networking events and mentoring, and draws on the expertise of the Foundation’s women Fellows and Governors. Women in Leasing will also connect with established diversity initiatives and networks such as Women in Banking and Finance.

Women in Leasing (WiL) hold networking events several times a year . The aim of these is to bring women across the industry together to share experiences, discuss challenges, promote ambition and leadership, and encourage networking as a tool for success. Structured evaluations from attendees provide feedback on what the initiative will pursue as it moves forward, ensuring growth and continued success for all involved.

It’s a great time for women to be more involved in Asset Finance so send us your CV if you are thinking of a career move. Info@thcrecruitment.co.uk


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    • Our sister company is Persona Sales Training – a specialist training company in leasing and vendor finance.

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