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Sales calls, why what you say , can be a turnoff for your client


There have probably been many customer calls where you think that you have clinched the sale, only for it to end abruptly and you have no idea why.  It’s easy to blame the customer in this instance but there are several reasons why it could be YOU that is putting them off.  There are some standard do’s and don’ts when it comes to sales calls:


Name Calling

Not intentionally being rude, but mispronouncing someone’s name AFTER they have corrected you, calling them Mrs instead of Miss, forgetting their forename midway through a call, there are all guaranteed to make your customer want to end the call ASAP. Take care and pay attention to these details BEFORE you pick up the phone.


Faking it

Trying to force a conversation is deadly! You will come across as insincere and “fake” and that signals distrust. Relax your tone, and use language that you are comfortable with and that your customer can relate to. A natural flair for conversation is a huge advantage with a sales person, but you can become better at it over time.


Switching Off

It sounds obvious but actually listening to what your customer is saying is vital. Each customer needs to know that they are important and quite frankly, if you aren’t listening to them, why should they do business with you?


Asking closed questions

When you ask “ Why did you..” or “ Why where you” type of question , you are instantly putting your customer in an awkward position. There may not be a wrong answer, but they will feel that there is and will either close the conversation off, or will become defensive. Letting a conversation flow naturally and asking better questions will go a long way!


Learn to listen ,respect and help your customer and your sales targets will become easier!


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