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The Power of Communication

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Regardless of your profession, communication is an essential part of your day. From ordering your coffee, paying for fuel, to dealing with clients/customers. How you communicate with people will determine how successful or stressful your day will be. This is really important when being interviewed or in fact interviewing for a new job.


Think about the communications you have throughout the day, are they all productive? They probably aren’t.

Communicating effectively requires planning, concentration, and consideration of others. So whether you need to talk with your spouse, hash out a problem with a friend, or land that next big business deal, here are some tips to add power and productivity to your conversations.


TIP One: Think Before You Speak

Plan what you are going to say in advance, and how you will say it. If you know the person you will be communicating with , this can be easy, but a rule of thumb is to be polite, concise and professional. Keep focused and know what outcome you want from the conversation.

TIP Two: Stop Talking and Listen 

You learn more from someone by listening to them rather than talking to them. When you actively listen to someone it shows them that you value what they say and it creates trust.


TIP Three: Ask Questions

To gain the most from any conversation, find out what people want, and what their expectations are . Don’t ask questions that can be answered with a straightforward “yes” or a “no.” Instead, ask open-ended questions that will give you more insight into their thoughts and feelings. If you aren’t clear on a point they are trying to make, ask for clarification. Then, restate what you heard and ask them to verify that you received their message correctly.

TIP Four:Watch Your Body Language

Studies show that 93% of communication is non-verbal. Make sure you make good eye contact, smile and shake hands firmly but not too firmly! . If you want to let the other person know you agree with them, don’t fold your arms tightly, cross your legs or turn your body away from the person. Instead mirror their body positioning as it creates understanding and agreement. Make sure your message and your body language match. If there is any discrepancy, people are more likely to believe what your body language is saying than your words.


TIP Five:Be aware of Your Volume and Tone

Your vocal tone gives the listener a snapshot of your feelings. If you want to show respect or affection, soften your tone. If you find yourself feeling impatient or angry during a conversation, listen to yourself to make sure your voice isn’t reflecting those emotions. If a conversation begins to turn into an argument, consciously lower your volume; often your listener will, too. Keep your voice calm and even whenever possible.


Communication and success go hand in hand. The more effectively you communicate your ideas, thoughts and feelings , the better your outcomes will be. So practice these communication tips and apply them every day. When you do, you’ll communicate powerfully and with confidence and achieve the results you desire and maybe land that dream job!

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Source Jo Condrill – www.goalminds.com


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