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  • Should you accept a counter offer when you resign?

    Posted: May 3rd, 2023
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    WHY were you looking to change jobs? Was the new role a better fit for your career requirements or goals?

    • If you felt you were underpaid, you’d have asked your boss for a raise.
    • If you were bored, you would have discussed this with your manager and asked for more projects or tasks to broaden your work experience.
    • If your commute was lowering the quality of your life, you’d have negotiated hybrid working.
    • Whatever the reasons were for wanting to change jobs, you would have made every attempt to fix the issues.

    Ask yourself:

    • “Why is my manager offering me a raise now that I’m resigning?” If you weren’t valuable to be given a raise before, why would your boss be willing to give you more money now? Most likely, it is not because you’ve suddenly become a more valuable employee. It’s because your manager doesn’t want to deal with the work disruption your departure could create.
    • Don’t let your ego or feeling flattered that you’re being offered more money cloud your judgment or cause you to make a bad decision. You already did your homework, so feel secure about the process you went through to seek a different job.
    • If you begin to second-guess your acceptance of the new job and consider accepting your manager’s counter offer, think about what else would change if you stayed (besides receiving more money).
    • Review honestly each of your reasons for wanting to look for other jobs. Will they somehow magically disappear if you accepted the counteroffer?

    Receiving the dangle of a monetary carrot is exciting at first but weigh up the other aspects of your recruitment hunt. Also, bear in mind, if you stay, some employees will question your loyalty, and can you be truly valuable when people are waiting for your next exit.

    Have a chat with us and we can help if you are thinking of your next career move.


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