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  • An article by Julie Ramsay in Motor Finance Online

    Posted: March 29th, 2023
    Category: Motor Finance

    Motor Finance is a truly niche marketplace, and that can lead to several challenges for recruiting – a lack of diversity, preconceptions from candidates about organisations from third-party conversations, and a very close-knit community can lead to lack of confidentiality and demand exceeds the supply candidate pool. This cuts across all areas of the sector – from brokers to funders and the tech platform providers.

    Coming out of the last pandemic, every business needs both a tactical and a strategic approach. In this candidate-driven market, hiring becomes a real issue and we are already seeing that our clients need tactical hiring to deliver not only the skills and aptitude needed today but also to plan strategically in this fast-moving market and factor future plans and hire to that plan. For innovative companies to grow it is essential, that every shortlist is a true representation not only of diversity but also mindset and skillset.


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