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  • Julie Ramsay, Managing Director of THC Recruitment discusses current and future trends in motor finance recruitment.

    Posted: September 7th, 2018
    Category: Motor Finance
    This article appeared in Motor Finance Digital Magazine June 2018
    Julie you have been in Motor Finance recruitment for some time, what are some of the key changes you have seen over the years?
    I have been in motor finance recruitment and asset finance recruitment for over 20 years. Initially it was dominated by bank owned finance houses so in the early days, companies such as Capital Bank, which was originally NorthWest Securities, First National Bank and Blackhorse, formerly UDT/Chartered Trust were big players. So things have changed a great deal as many of those companies either do not exist or have been absorbed into other companies. Also if you go back 10 years GE Capital were dominant in the market but withdrew from the motor finance market.

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