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  • Asset Finance Recruitment Challenges & Trends

    Posted: February 15th, 2016
    Category: Recruitment

    Julie Ramsay of THC Recruitment looks at current issues in Asset Finance Recruitment and shares her extensive knowledge and experience.


    “As we all know, the asset and motor finance market of 2016 is unrecognisable to that pre-recession, and that is also true of the UK recruitment market − which has not only recovered from the 2008 low but is moving at a fast pace” says Julie.

    Certainly Julie has seen huge changes in recruitment since she entered the business 25 years ago. ” Our client list is unrecognisable from five years ago, with lots of engagement from large brokers and challenger banks which are not only more creative but plugging the gaps left by mergers and companies selling off their leasing subsidiaries. The growth of large brokers has given us most recruitment opportunities and gives our candidates a fresh challenge to move into new sectors with large and flexible funding capacities.”

    “Here at THC we are winning more vacancies and enquiries than for years maybe as a result of our reputation and our marketing becoming more effective, but also as a result of the economy and general economic growth stabilising.” explains Julie. “Over the last year we have seen a huge demand for Business Development Managers, not only from super-brokers and challenger bank lenders for recruits with expertise in the ‘hard asset’ sector, but also over the last few months lots more opportunities in the Credit sector, both in Risk and Collections. At the same time, the motor finance sector also seems very buoyant with openings nationwide both in Account Management and Risk and also in growth specialist roles such as Stock Finance.”

    “The problem is that the industry is facing as a whole is a shortage of candidates, as so many people have left the industry and with a few exceptions there has been a lack of training and development of new talent” explains Julie.

    “Up until the last year we have found it hard to motivate candidates in employment to look at new positions, the overall feeling being “better the devil you know”, but with growing confidence in the economy there are quality candidates who are starting to put their heads above the parapet and investigate potential opportunities. The market is fast moving and is very much candidate driven.”

    Looking ahead at industry trends, she predicts there is much optimism in the asset finance sector and great career opportunities ahead.

    “Looking back over the difficult period of the recession” says Julie “I am sure we have all learnt many lessons – two important ones being specialise but have more than one sector, and be open to new sectors. We have learned to grow our user base to cross-sell other services within our business to our clients, and we are updating our marketing and social networking activities to support these changes and challenges.”

    To see how Julie and the team at THC Recruitment Ltd could help you, or your business, call 01279 713900, visit www.thcrecruitment.co.uk or contact online.




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