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  • A day in the life of a Senior Recruitment Consultant

    Posted: January 28th, 2016
    Category: Recruitment

    So what does a Senior Recruitment Consultant like Paula Wilkins, at THC Recruitment Ltd, get up to in a typical work day you wonder? We went along to discover exactly that.


    What time do you arrive at work? “I get into the office at 7.30 am.”

    What is your first job of the day? “I clear all my emails and reply to candidates who have responded during the evening regarding vacancies. I email them immediately to let them know I am in the office and available to talk through the roles. Then I check who has responded to my advertised vacancies and email or text these candidates.”

    What other jobs would you do on a typical day? “We are very structured and we habitually cover certain processes. A really great part of my job is talking to a candidate who is really excited about the role and is enthused by the opportunity. It is exciting to let them know they have an interview and to start preparing them for the next stage. The real high point is calling them with the news they have been successful and we have a job offer for them.

    The worst part of the job is telling someone they did not get the role and to hear their voice of disappointment. You never get over that. I only like giving good news, but good always comes out of bad and we continue to find them the right role and then you realise it all happened for a reason!”

    Do you ever work off-site? “I work in the evening as a lot of candidates cannot speak to you during the day. They will call your mobile after work when we can explain the role in more detail with the candidate feeling calmer and more relaxed.”

    Do you tend to interview candidates face-to-face or do they come into the office? “Depending on where the role is will govern whether we get to see a candidate face to face. We also conduct Skype interviews where we can connect with the candidates eye to eye (which helps you build a bigger profile of them).”

    What are your favourite aspects of the jobs? “Giving the candidates the news they have been successful and their hard work and preparation was all worthwhile and they have a job offer.”

    Is there anything you don’t particularly enjoy? “When candidates do not show up for interview and there is no explanation and the client is not impressed. Luckily, that is a rare occurrence.”

    What are your main challenges? “Having enough hours in the day to talk to clients and speak to the candidates about career opportunities that would be progress their careers. Understanding and catering to everyone’s needs

    What time do you finish? “I finish in the office at 4.30pm/5pm but carry on concluding interview confirmations and assisting candidates in an evening to help them prepare for their meetings and discuss the vacancies. Sometimes it can be 9pm before your feet are firmly put up!”

    Do you ever attend industry events? “Sometimes. However, I am more likely to attend face to face meetings with clients to gain a better insight into their requirements and their future business plans.”

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    What do you do to relax outside work? “I like walking, travelling to interesting cities, a beach holiday away from the phones and fine wine and good food.”

    How did you first start in Recruitment? “I used to work at Stansted Airport and wanted a role outside shift work and I was offered a role as a Medical Sales Rep. I had also been for an interview with a recruitment company and the Director called me and offered me a role to head up and manage their commercial team. I made my first placement within the first week and have been in recruitment for the last 15 years!”

    Why do you enjoy it so much do you think? “I think it is because I am a peoples person and I care about people and helping them, so I get a lot of satisfaction in progressing peoples future and dreams and mapping out their career.”

    Finally, how would you describe yourself? “I sell myself to clients and candidates as a Trustworthy, Honest Consultant with years of experience (who tentatively, hunts, candidates of course!)”

    So there you have it – a day in the life of a very busy Senior Recruitment Consultant. To see how Paula and any of the team at THC Recruitment Ltd could help you, or your business, contact them on 01279 713900 or visit www.thcrecruitment.co.uk.


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